The school is organised into two departments. Middle Years caters for years 3-8 and Upper Years caters for years 9 to 11. Each department is headed up by their Head of Middle Years (Miss Parle) and Head of Upper Years (Mr Riley).  Each department also has its own mentoring and therapy staff. Our Upper Years Department offers a partnership educational programme in years 10 and 11, where the majority of pupils are on roll at a mainstream secondary school and access a range of provision between Meadow Park and their mainstream school and they may also access a range of work based learning providers. This is called the ‘New Horizons Collegiate.’ Meadow Park manages this partnership in close collaboration with our mainstream secondary schools.

We work hard to equip our pupils with the skills to reintegrate back into mainstream school and/or leave Meadow Park able to take a full and active part in society as good citizens, with the skills to lead independent lives.

The school site is zoned to enable the two departments to operate independently. Each department even has its own dining, resource and outdoor play areas. There are also some specialist facilities that are timetabled for each department to use.

Our classes are of mixed ability and are grouped according to social dynamics so that we maximise the development of personal skills across the curriculum. This means that although classes will be of a similar age range, they are not grouped strictly to year groups. Our classes are named after motivational names as follows –


  • Class FREEDOM (Years 3 and 4)
  • Class SPIRIT (Years 4 and 5)
  • Class VISION (Year 6)
  • Class LIBERTY (Years 7 and 8)
  • Class ASPIRE (Years 8 and 9)
  • Class ENDEAVOUR (Years 8 and 9)


  • Class COURAGE (Year 9)
  • Class HONOUR (Year 10)
  • Class INSPIRATION (Year 10)
  • Class LEGACY (Year 10)
  • Class EVOLVE (Year 11)
  • Class PRIDE (Year 11)