We expect that our pupils maintain good levels of attendance and engagement at school. Many of our pupils have experienced poor levels of attendance and engagement before coming to Meadow Park and this is why we are keen to break this cycle. We have our own full time attendance improvement officer, who works very closely with pupils, parents and the Local Authority’s Attendance Service in order to secure good attendance.

Pupils who attend well generally make excellent learning progress with us. Our expectation is that pupils attend 100% of the time. We take attendance at school extremely seriously and we will not hesitate to seek prosecution of parents who are unable to ensure their child attends school regularly.

We ask that all family holidays are taken during school holiday periods and not during school time. Any medical appointments should also be made outside of the school day. Pupils should only be absent from school if they are ill and you are asked to telephone the school office if your child is absent from school to give a reason.

 Our Attendance Lead is Mrs Rooke and she works very closely with our families in order to get to the root causes of poor attendance, so that we can tackle any barriers together.


Here are Class SPIRIT (July 2014), having their attendance treat for winning the highest class attendance that week (96%).  The highest attending class have tea and cake with Mr Marshall each week.

 attendance award

100% attendance is celebrated every week. All pupils who have had 100% attendance during a whole week period receive an end of week certificate in the Friday Celebration Assembly.


Attendance Certificate