We have high expectations of how we expect our pupils to behave in and around school so that everyone can learn in a safe and secure environment. We are proud of the ethos and culture we have established in school which fosters learning and mutual respect.


All pupils have their learning engagement rigorously tracked in all aspects of school life. This means that for every 10 minutes of positive learning engagement in lessons a point is awarded. Points are also awarded at break and lunch times. Up to 50 points a day can be awarded.

If pupils are doing well, then they will be earning between 45 and 50 points most days. We can use this system to scrutinise if there are any subjects that your child performs better or worse in, what times of day they make the best or worst progress, whether there are any particular relationship issues and it helps us to spot triggers for disengagement quickly. Points are called SMART POINTS – and are earned across the school for

being Sensible,

using Manners,

having a good

Attitude, Respecting each other and the environment and meeting learning


SMART Points can be swapped to buy items from the healthy tuck shop, to exchange for a gift from the ‘Points Shop,’ or to earn a place on a specially arranged trip or event.

Certificates are awarded at the end of the week to the top 5 Smart Point earners, for pupils who have 100% attendance each week and one pupil from each class is awarded a Headteacher’s certificate each week.

Headteacher's Award

Top Point Earners

Positive Learning Engagement Record

Positive Learning Engagement Record

Click on the document below to see the SMART CODE

Smart Code


In order to resolve any conflict that may occur in school, we make good use of our Restorative Practice Policy, where pupils are encouraged to make good choices for themselves and reflect on their behaviour and relationships. This may mean repairing any damaged relationships. We call these ‘Repair and Reflect’ sessions, and they are conducted at the earliest time possible – either at break time, lunch time or the end of the school day.

All staff at Meadow Park are trained in Team Teach, which is an approved Positive Handling method. Staff will always use their skills to de-escalate any issues with pupils without the need for physical handling, however, in cases where pupils may cause each other, the staff or themselves harm, staff may physically restrain pupils using the approved Team Teach methods they have been trained to use. All incidents of positive handling are recorded and parents/carers are notified.


Behaviour Management Policy – Revised Aug 2015