The Meadow Park Team and what we do

We are very fortunate to have a very skilled team of staff. We do not just employ teachers. Among our team of staff we have :

  • Teachers – EYFS, KS1 and KS2 primary specialists, Secondary specialists including Maths, English and Science, SEND specialists.
  • Learning Facilitators – these are key skilled roles that support the teaching and learning of students both in and outside of the classroom environment.
  • Mentors and Therapeutic Staff – we employ a number of mentors and our own therapy staff. These staff offer a wide range of strategies and interventions aimed at improving personal development skills, including play therapy, art therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, mentoring and peer mentoring programmes, friendship programmes, anxiety and stress management programmes, anger management, building resilience, independent living skills, thinking skills, yoga, relaxation, massage and aromatherapy.
  • Attendance Improvement Team – Our mentors also support attendance interventions under the direction of our safeguarding lead. Our attendance team works with students in school, with parents and with the Council’s attendance team, as well as with multi agency partners.
  • Commissioned Staff – we work with additional specialist staff from the Local Authority. These include an Educational Psychologist. These staff work alongside Meadow Park staff to assess the needs of students and help put together tailored plans, they work directly with students and also provide professional advice and guidance to our staff in order to meet the wide range of needs we cater for.

All of our staff deliver a range of learning experiences aimed at making sure that our pupils can reach their full potential, both educationally and socially.

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