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Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to the website of Meadow Park School.

We are a short stay pupil referral unit for pupils in Year 3 to Year 11 and are situated in the borough of Knowsley on Merseyside.

The Meadow Park ‘Offer’

Our offer to pupils is the provision of a quality educational experience where they can be supported to re-engage with learning and make the expected progress they deserve. We encourage pupils to develop alternative strategies to help to improve their responses to issues which have caused behaviour concerns in their mainstream school and led to exclusion.

For however long pupils stay with us, we help them to:
* Become more reflective, understanding the consequences of their behaviour for themselves and others.
* Become more engaged with learning, enjoying school and making progress.
* Be more resilient and able to cope with the challenges they face in school.
* Improve their attendance
* Improve their attitude towards education, understanding how success at school is the first step towards a productive and happy future

Meadow Park provides a high-quality education for our pupils, helping them to modify their behaviour and attitudes to learning so they can be successfully reintegrated; back into mainstream education as soon as is possible, transition to a more specialist provision which can meet their needs or to assist them to move on to the next stage of their education, employment or training.

Who are our pupils?

Pupils arrive at Meadow Park School through a variety of different pathways.

Out of Borough Pupils

Pupils who have moved into Knowsley from another borough or area of the country may be referred to Knowsley’s Fair Access Panel if they have a previous history of excessive behavioural issues, if they are difficult to place in a mainstream school, or if their previous school was a Pupil Referral Unit. These pupils will be assessed quickly by Meadow Park staff to establish their best chance of making a successful move into a mainstream school within the Borough. It is our role to help these pupils reintegrate back to a Knowsley school as soon as they are able.

Pupils who have been Permanently Excluded

Pupils who live in Knowsley and have been permanently excluded (whether their school is in Knowsley or not) are entitled to full time alternative education provision from the sixth day of their exclusion. Meadow Park is the only designated school commissioned by the Local Authority to offer this provision. We will do everything we can to quickly assess the reasons for the permanent exclusion, work with the pupil on addressing the issues which led to the exclusion and/or assess the suitability of the pupil to make a success of a fresh start in another school.
Knowsley Central Provisions Panel
Pupils can be referred to Meadow Park by the Local Authority Behaviour and Inclusion Team once they reach Level Three of the Knowsley Behaviour Intervention Framework (see attached). These pupils have been identified as being at risk of permanent exclusion from their mainstream school despite their school doing everything it can to modify the behaviours causing concern including the support of external professionals and agencies. They will have been assessed as benefitting from a time limited intensive intervention programme here at Meadow Park School. At the time of their admission, a target date is set for their return to their mainstream school, and this will usually be after 13 weeks and no longer than 26 weeks.
STAR and New Horizons programmes
* STAR is a ten week behaviour intervention programme for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils, arranged directly by schools to help pupils to improve their behaviour and attitudes to learning at an early intervention stage before swiftly returning to their mainstream school to continue their education.
* The New Horizons Collegiate is intended for Key Stage 4 pupils who are disengaged from learning and potentially at risk of exclusion. They spend Years 10 and 11 at Meadow Park following a programme of study with up to eight approved qualifications, such as GCSE and BTEC.

Meadow Park Support for Schools in Knowsley

Meadow Park staff also support our mainstream colleagues to reintegrate pupils back into school at the optimum time to ensure a successful transition and also support in the process of applying for Education Health Care Plans when pupils need to transition to a more specialist provision.

We also offer specialised training, coaching and support to mainstream school colleagues in the use of Restorative Approaches, Team Teach and Behaviour Modification Strategies.


Mrs Anita Swales

Head Teacher