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Letter: 14th May 2020


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Important Message

Dear Parents/Carers

In line with Government advice Meadow Park School is closed. The Secretary of State has clarified that ‘if a child can stay at home, then they should be at home’. Sending your child in otherwise, places them and my staff and their families at increased risk.

All our children in care are in a safe and caring environment which has been assessed as such. If this was not the case, they would not have been placed there. 

We are asking that all children remain at home unless both parents are key workers and there are not other viable alternatives. If there are no other viable options then the school will need five working days notice to ensure there are staff ratio availability and all health and safety measures have been accounted for. Please email the school to secure a place meadowpark@knowsley.gov.uk

My staff will be in regular contact with all families during our closure and will be working with vulnerable groups as part of a wider network of support.

Thank you for your many messages of support during these uncertain times. 

Welcome to the website of Meadow Park School

We are a pupil referral unit situated in the borough of Knowsley on Merseyside.

We provide a quality educational experience for students who have or are experiencing difficulties in a mainstream setting due to medical, social, emotional or behavioural needs. We support young people to develop alternative strategies to improve their resilience and confidence through a personalised curriculum, delivered by dedicated, experienced and qualified staff.

During the time that students stay with us, we help them to:
* Become more reflective, understanding the consequences of their behaviour for themselves and others.
* Become more engaged with learning, enjoying school and making progress.
* Be more resilient and able to cope with the challenges they face in school.
* Improve their attendance.
* Improve their attitude towards education, understanding how success at school is the first step towards a productive and happy future.

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STAR Programme

What is the purpose of STAR?

The Student Turn Around (STAR) Programme will be a small group providing a modified curriculum in an environment based on the six principles of nurture.  the children are supported to raise their emotional well-being, self esteem and to form positive relationships.  We provide a structured routine with clear boundaries so the children feel safe and secure.  STAR is a place of learning.

The Student Turn Around (STAR) is a 10 week programme providing a modified curriculum in an environment based on the six principles of nurture. The children are supported to raise their emotional well-being, self-esteem and to form positive relationships.

  • “Big improvement with behaviour”

  • “He is happy about going to school and having friends”

  • “Seems settled, happy and content”

  • “He has come a long way since being on this 10 weeks, he is positive towards school”

  • "He is positive towards school”

  • "He has grown up so much, wish he could stay with you"

  • “He now looks forward to going to school."

  • “Totally changed for the better”

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For more information, contact Claire Tipton using the school details.