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The School Governors are seen as the key force between the community, the school and the Local Authority. Their role is vital to the development of Meadow Park.

The School Governors are made up of a range of Local Authority members and officers who meet regularly to guide the work of the school and make decisions. They are responsible for the finance and resources of the school and for appointing staff.

The School Governors were reconstituted in September 2018. Members and responsibilities of Governors are as follows:

Current School Governors

Name Role Date of Appointment Term of Office End date
Sue Dunphy Chair of Governors / Parent Governor 22/02/2022 4 years 22/02/2026
Daryl McConnell Vice-Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor 21/09/2022 4 years 20/09/2026
Lauren Regan-Hammond Staff Governor 11/01/2021 4 years 10/01/2025
Bill Weightman Co-opted Governor 21/11/2022 4 years 20/11/2026
Mike Wickham Co-opted Governor 29/06/2022 4 years 28/06/2026
Sue Smerdon LA Governor 07/02/2023 4 years 06/02/2027
Jackie Cleary Headteacher 01/09/2022 ongoing n/a

Previous School Governors

Name Role Date of Appointment Term of Office End date
Ivy Hughes Co-opted Governor 20/06/2022 4 years 28 March 2023
Carrie Hyland Co-opted Governor 01/09/2021 4 years October 2022
Justin Thompson Chair of Governors 22/02/2022 4 years September 2022
Louise Riley Headteacher 01/09/2019 Headteacher August 2022
Jonathan Pitt Co-opted Governor 07/11/2018 4 years March 2022
Jackie Cleary Staff governor 20/10/2016 4 years October 2020


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