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At Meadow Park we demonstrate PATIENCE by supporting pupils to become resilient learners and to create their own unique educational journey which allows them to grow into the very best version of themselves. We are committed to being a positive and stabilising setting that bridges to continued education, whether that be another mainstream school or a specialist setting. Pupils are with us for varying amounts of time therefore our curriculum needs to be flexible, personalised and designed to enable pupils to progress to the next stage on their educational journey.



When pupils complete their education at Meadow Park School, we demonstrate GUIDANCE by not only supporting pupils with the qualifications, skills, and knowledge that they need, but by also ensuring they have the necessary life, employability, and social skills to be able to successfully progress to the next stage of their lives. To do this we place the importance of a pupil’s personal development alongside that of their academic development and employability.




Our DETERMINATION enables all pupils to make progress from their individual starting points and to have success in learning underpinned by a focus on developing pupils’ social development, emotional wellbeing and mental health. We create a culture of high expectation and a consistent, experiential, multi-sensory curriculum that engages and supports learning on every level.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and enables pupils to achieve, gain knowledge, understanding and skills, and build upon them for their future. We offer a range of subjects at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. At Key Stage 4 we select our qualifications carefully, offering a strong academic core of subjects.

KS4 Qualifications

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