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Our Ethos and Values

“No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around.”
Bill Callahan

Meadow Park School works together with parents and students to ensure the very best outcomes for everyone. We will help and guide our KS2 and KS3 (also KS1) students to move on to a more permanent provision, whether that is in a mainstream school or a more specialist setting. We expect that our KS4 students achieve a range of exam qualifications and prepare for the next stage of their education after they leave Meadow Park.  We are a place where students are safe, where students learn and we are a place where students transform themselves.

These are the core values and beliefs we share as a school community: please read them with your child.

We belong together as one safe school

No matter where we started from, why we joined Meadow Park or where we are headed, we all belong here. We must all behave in a responsible way, keeping ourselves and others safe at all times.

We represent Meadow Park when we are outside school; our behaviour creates our school’s reputation. It is important that we always give a good impression to the outside world.

We never give up on anyone and offer second chances

All our students are worth the effort to help. We know that they will make bad choices sometimes; we also expect that they may get things wrong several times.

We will always try to help our students find a way forward back into mainstream education; we always try to direct our students to the place that will give them the best chance of success.

We are determined to get it right; when we haven’t, we reflect on our actions and repair relationships

It is always our intention to do the right thing, even though this may be difficult. We must consider carefully what the best course of action is; we are all here to help each other get it right.

However, there are times when anyone can get it wrong; one mistake does not make you a bad person, but it does mean you have to work at putting things right.

It is important for people to sit down with each and work through their issues. We will do our best to make this happen.

We resolve problems patiently; we’re not afraid to make tough decisions

There are always problems; however, there are nearly always solutions to those problems. We must find and implement these solutions wisely. However, some problems are not resolved quickly or easily. There will be times when we must acknowledge that we are not the best person to solve a particular problem; there may be someone better placed to do this. Sometimes we need to walk away from a problem and resolve it later.
There are times when we must think of the good of the school above the needs of the individual; there will be times when we may have to look for help to solve a problem beyond the walls of Meadow Park School.

We help and guide everyone in making the right choices

Our students come to us at a crucial stage of their life; a wrong choice at this point could have major implications for the rest of their lives. Our advice and guidance can make all the difference. We will always do our best to suggest other means of support for our students and their families, including outside agencies where appropriate.

We speak up when something’s not right

There are times when we find out something that makes us feel uncomfortable; we are obliged to act in these circumstances. We have clear policies about these times – it is the responsibility of each member of our community to pass on our concerns. It is better that we speak up and make a mistake rather than not speaking up and letting someone come to harm.

We give everyone a voice, listening responsibly

Everyone has a right to be heard; we need to listen to complaints, concerns and compliments with equal attention and respect. Sometimes, we need to listen to what someone is really saying; someone’s behaviour can say a lot more than their words. However, while we always listen, we need to be responsible and caring enough to say no at times.

We laugh with each other, always showing kindness and respect to everyone

Humour makes us stronger, helping us cope with the pressures of the day. It is a way of bonding with other people, sharing our common humanity. However, we are careful; jokes that put other people down for any reason are not acceptable. Aggressive, nasty humour is not welcome in our school.

We all learn from each other’s wisdom

No one has all the answers. We listen to everyone in our school community and seriously consider their ideas. One good idea can generate half a dozen great ideas! There are many people outside our school who can offer further wisdom and understanding; we try to involve as many of them as we can in the life of our school.

Being here makes all the difference

The Roman philosopher Seneca once wrote, “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. “We must be present, in both body and mind, to offer this kindness; this requires gentleness, patience and strength.

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