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About Us

We are a pupil referral unit situated in the borough of Knowsley on Merseyside.

We provide a quality educational experience for students who have or are experiencing difficulties in a mainstream setting due to medical, social, emotional or behavioural needs. We support young people to develop alternative strategies to improve their resilience and confidence through a personalised curriculum, delivered by dedicated, experienced and qualified staff.

During the time that students stay with us, we help them to:

  • Become more reflective, understanding the consequences of their behaviour for themselves and others.
  • Become more engaged with learning, enjoying school and making progress.
  • Be more resilient and able to cope with the challenges they face in school.
  • Improve their attendance.
  • Improve their attitude towards education, understanding how success at school is the first step towards a productive and happy future.

Students arrive at Meadow Park School through:

  • Knowsley Fair Access Panel. Pupils also come to us if their previous school was a Pupil Referral Unit. It is our role to help these students reintegrate back to a Knowsley school as soon as they are able.
  • Students who live in Knowsley and have been permanently excluded are entitled to full time alternative education provision from the sixth day of their exclusion.
  • Students can be referred to Meadow Park by the Local Authority Behaviour and Inclusion Team.

Meadow Park Support for Schools in Knowsley

Meadow Park staff also support our mainstream colleagues to reintegrate students back into school at the optimum time to ensure a successful transition and also support in the process of applying for Education, Health and Care Plans when students need to transition to a more specialist provision.

We also offer specialised training, coaching and support to mainstream school colleagues in the use of Restorative Approaches, Team Teach and Behaviour Modification strategies.

Patience, Guidance and Determination is at the heart of what we believe as a school.

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