In order to be as successful as we possibly can with our pupils, it is necessary for us to work with a wide range of partners. We often need to look beyond developing learning skills, in order to unlock the true potential of our pupils. We believe that a person centred approach works best, and this means that we will work with you, and make joint decisions about your child’s provision. This sometimes means that some of the strategies and interventions have to extend beyond school into the home and community, so it is essential that we have a very close and secure working relationship with parents/carers.

We work in close collaboration with services and agencies which may include:

Educational Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists

*  Psychiatrists


CAMHs Services

Speech and Language Therapists

Specialist teachers

* Occupational Therapists

Youth Justice / Crime and Disorder Unit

Police, fire services and other emergency services

Colleges, further education settings and training


Youth and Play Services

Anti-Social Behaviour Unit

Housing Associations

Children’s Social Care

School Nursing Services

KOOTH Counselling

Smoking Cessation Services

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Team

Stronger Families Team

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many other services we may need to involve as part of a co-ordinated

approach to meeting the holistic needs of our pupils.